Meet Dane Curse, and take a high stakes trip through Gold Coast City...

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Dane Curse – Book 1

If you lose a black cape, and can’t go to the cops, then you come to me because that’s what I do. I’ve been in the game for years. I know all the curves and all the angles, and if it gets rough then so be it, I got plenty strength, I’m double tough, and […]

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The Coconut Swindle – Book 2

In this exciting prequel to the critically acclaimed Dane Curse, a pair of black capes are found dead on the floor of Wentorf Hall, mere inches away from the world’s largest diamond. Of course the cops think the pair killed each other over the heist. After all, everyone knows that the Vandenberg Coconut is a […]

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The Author

Matt Abraham, Pulp Detective’s Best Newcomer of 2015 and winner of the University of Nottingham’s NC 2016 short story competition, spits hot PI palaver mixing Mickey Spillane with the classic super heroes from the golden age. In his series Black Cape Case Files we follow Dane Curse, a former black cape turned PI, as he […]

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