In one week we’ll begin my virtual blog tour with a total of seven stops that will occur on Thursday the 6th and Friday the 7th, coincidentally the TWO FREE PROMO days for Dane Curse. That’s right, for 48 hours you’ll be able to not only read my take on crafting fiction and living in China, but also get my book for no money down, and no payments… forever!

The tour will also feature my new cover crafted by the famous Daniel Strange, my favorite artist out of the UK. If you got a moment in the coming days please check out the following hosts who have been kind enough to help me get the word out!

Tour dates and venues:

Literary Musings Aug 6th
Readaholic Zone Aug 6th
Reading to Distraction Aug 6th
Boom Baby Aug 7th
Book Obsessed Human Aug 7th
The Readers Hollow Aug 7th
Buttonholed Book Reviews Aug 7th


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A deep thanks to Please Pass the Books for taking the time to visit Gold Coast City!

Review: I was fortunate enough to capture this golden nugget on a promotional free day, and while free on Amazon can be a hit-or-miss, I can honestly say Dane Curse is a hit. This is classic noir at its finest… Read the rest at:

– Please Pass The Books


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Thanks to Unlimited Book Reviews for the kind words, you’re welcome in Gold Coast City anytime!

In a world with super-heroes and super-villains, Dane Curse is a small-time private detective who has left his villainous past behind. When the city’s top villain asks him to investigate the death of the world’s greatest hero, you know there’s going to be trouble, and this tongue-in-cheek mystery doesn’t disappoint.

Written in the style of American pulp detective novels, the story romps along with plenty of humour and action. The editing is pretty good and it’s very readable throughout. Great fun.

Expect some adult content and a lot of over the top violence.

Unlimited Book Reviews


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Thanks to Celtic Frog for taking the ride with Dane Curse, and for the kind words!

Dane Curse is a Black Cape turned P. I. He gets a call from the Syndicate asking him to investigate a case that could set Gold Coast City on fire. The murder of Pinnacle, White Cape and leader of Team Supreme. This is noir detective story with super heroes and super villains. Dane is caught up in the case and finds quickly that not all the black capes hated Pinnacle and not all the white capes loved him. Everyone has an angle, and a lot of those angles involve Dane being dead.

I really enjoyed the book, there are a few superhero series out there, but this has to one of the best. A large part of that is the way even the toughest are made human in some way. They have vulnerabilities both physical and emotional. The plot has some great twists. I had a hard time putting this book down.

If you like old school noir detectives,  you’ll like this book. If you like super heroes and their culture you’ll love it. I highly recommend it.

Celtic Frog Reviews


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A humble hat tip to New Free Kindle Books, can’t wait to send you The Coconut Swindle!

Dane Curse is a typical detective story set in a world full of interesting people and exciting events. But there’s a big difference in this world; a difference that will catch your attention right away and have you hanging on to every word. There are good guys and bad guys and people leading ordinary lives, but I don’t want to give the storyline away so I’ll leave it at that.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised as you become immersed in this strange and dangerous life that the author creates. After the initial shock wears off, you’ll find yourself believing that Gold Coast City and the “capes” that live there are real and you’ll hate to go back to your own unexciting life.

I’m hoping that book 2 of the Black Cape Case Files comes out soon!

New Free Kindle Books 


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A tremendous mahalo to Jael’s Reviews, the first official book reviewer to visit Gold Coast City!

I’m thrilled to present to you Dane Curse: A Black Cape Case File by Matt Abraham. This is a classic noir gumshoe detective novel featuring Private Detective Dane Curse, who has a wicked past.
A particularly interesting aspect to this story is that it takes place in a comic book type world where there are super villains and superheroes that have supernatural abilities, such as flying, fighting with superhuman strength and speed, fighting with ice daggers and dodging bullets. In book one, Dane is asked to investigate the death of one of the world’s most famous hero’s. It is filled with lots of action and humour, and will keep you engaged and entertained. I definitely look forward to reading more mysteries from The Gold Coast!

-Jael’s Reviews