Laurette Long: Free Book!

For romance fans out there Laurette Long, authoress of the dope ass Hot Basque series is giving away swag in the form of free books. Check out her siteĀ and claim your stuff. Unless you don’t like romance. Or free stuff. Or books. In which case you’re a monster and enjoy being killed by Sam and Dean Winchester.

March 4th, a Friday and a Launch Day!

The Coconut Swindle is ‘Done’ and I’m now in the promo mode. The launch day is a hard March 4th. An official, hard, no fucking around March 4th. I’ll have the cover reveal shortly, but to my diehard fans, all fifteen of you, the day is coming. And your patience will be rewarded. Not handsomely though. JK, I’m actually pretty proud of this one.