Who is Dane Curse?

A mix of DC Comics derring-do and Mickey Spillane grit, Dane Curse is author Matt Abraham’s critically acclaimed debut novel. Set in Gold Coast City, it follows former black caped super villain Dane Curse as he lives his life in the shade, helping people that society ignores. It’s the first installment of The Black Cape Case Files, and was released February 10th exclusively on Amazon.

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What the critics are saying:

“With its dazzling pace, terrific fight scenes, and snarky humor, Dane Curse is a fast, fun read.” – BarbTaub.com

“Dane Curse is a rollercoaster ride at every turn.” – Claire Loves to Read

“Written with intelligent humor, easy dialogue, and an action-packed story line, Dane Curse is a must-read.” – Please Pass The Books

“If you like old school noir detectives, you’ll like this book. If you like super heroes and their culture you’ll love it.” – Celtic Frog Reviews

“This was a lot of fun… like Harry Dresden meets Braineater Jones with a major sci-fi twist.” – The Readers Hollow

“Five stars… Filled with lots of action and humor, and will keep you engaged and entertained.” -Jael’s Reviews

“After the initial shock wears off, you’ll find yourself believing that Gold Coast City and the ‘capes’ that live there are real… Five stars.” – New Free Kindle Books

Contains all the explosives you can think of blending fiction and fantasy mystery thriller.” – Musings of Immortals Reviews

“The story romps along with plenty of humour and action.” – Unlimited Book Reviews

“… it scored in all the avenues. It is definitely a fun and unique reading experience.” – The Verdict is Out

“I loved the book… I would highly recommend it.” – The Book Eaters UK

“A well written, original story.” – Juniper Grove

So what are you waiting for? Buy your copy today on Amazon, and don’t forget to pick up the sequel, on sale now for .99 cents!

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