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A special thanks to Barb Taub for kindly hosting me over at her site with my guest post (and she’s also reading my novel). Seriously, if you got a moment¬†stop by because it’s full of literary info, services, and tons of other stuff. It’s so professional over there I have no idea how I got a spot.


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Big ups to Marie over at The Waitress Confessions¬†where they’re featuring my piece on raising a one month old and the strange overlap it has with waiting tables. Check it out of you haven’t yet because it really does appeal equally to parents and waiters. Kind of like alcohol. And drugs. And what it’s like to do things for people who never thank you.


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The fine folks over at Pulp Covers have tossed Daniel Strange’s work on Dane Curse up on their site. Stop by to check it out, as well as the metric ton of old school covers from the classic days of pulp detective novels. Unless you’re not into amazing pencil work, evocative art, and overall awesomeness, then, I don’t know, here’s the original hamster dance. Go nuts.



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You may not know this but before I was a struggling author I was an outstanding waiter in Philadelphia, Honolulu, and Singapore. Yep, for twenty long, Godless years I slung trays in BYO’s, steak houses, and five star joints alike, and I’ve used this skill to write a guest blog for Steve over at Waiter Rants. Stop by his site and check out the unvarnished truth about hospitality. Unless you’ve never worked in a restaurant before, cause we don’t often cotton to outsiders (you’re ok though, I’ll show you the handshake).


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Add one more hero to the mix as Karleigh Reads joins the ranks of the Gold Coast City white capes by helping to flense the world of evil with a guest post from yours truly. So head on over there and check out her site. She’s a dame who knows books, and champions the indies of the world, as well as offering insight on the craft we all love. But if you show up after sundown don’t expect her to be around. I’m pretty sure she dons a cape and cowl to fight crime at night. Granted that’s just a theory, but then again so is evolution… so, you know. It’s definitely true.