You haven’t arrived on the indie scene until you’ve got your first Review Troll, and I finally got mine! A special thanks to Muffie Mae for making my day, especially for doubling down on the ironic Troll-speak:

I didn’t read the book because of the errors reported by a reviewer. Errors in grammar and punctuation set my teeth on edge and keep me from enjoying a book that otherwise might be a great story. – One Star

What kind of miserable person gives a one star rating and didn’t read the book? Granted that’s a nice touch, but what really pleases me about this is that it’s a complaint about grammar, and she’s missing a comma in front of the conjunction that separates the independent clauses in her compound sentence. Great work mystery troll! It’s good to know that grammar Nazis are hypocritical dicks, just like the real Nazis (jk, they’re nowhere near as bad!).