Alternate Cover Art: Dane Curse


Behold, alternate cover art by Kim Herbst, the woman with the golden hand. And silver tongue. And, I don’t know, possibly a copper foot. I didn’t ask about that because she probably wouldn’t tell me, and frankly it seemed rude, especially after I inquired about the tongue and hand made of precious metals. But anyway, here’s her alternate cover for Dane Curse. I’m still married to my Dan Strange original, but I’m just saying that on occasion, when I make love to it, I think about this one. Sexy cat sound!

Dane Curse Original Artwork


Feast your eyes on a still shot so sweet it makes the Gummy Venus de Milo seem like a sour ball dipped in milk left on a radiator for a week. It’s drawn by Kim Herbst, artist extraordinaire, and for the uninitiated, this is Lynx with her henchmen in Henchmen’s. The bad news is, now that you’ve seen it you can never see it again for the first time, but Kim’s got three more pictures from the novel, so… you know… there’s a silver lining.