March 4th, a Friday and a Launch Day!

The Coconut Swindle is ‘Done’ and I’m now in the promo mode. The launch day is a hard March 4th. An official, hard, no fucking around March 4th. I’ll have the cover reveal shortly, but to my diehard fans, all fifteen of you, the day is coming. And your patience will be rewarded. Not handsomely though. JK, I’m actually pretty proud of this one.


CRP Book Blog: 5 Stars!


Boom! Another five star review, this time from the very discerning Catherine Rose Putsche. And I say discerning with all seriousness, she consumes only top notch novels from truly gifted authors. Don’t let the fact that she read a superhero noir fool you (I think she was drunk when she agreed to review me, so yay vodka!)


Dane_Curse_Cover Final

Dane Curse, my first novel, is still just 99 cents, but it won’t be for long. I can’t say when, but it will be returning to it’s normal price of 2.99. Ok ok, it’s October 31st. But why wait, pick up a copy today and get prepped for part two The Coconut Swindle, which will be out before after Christmas on January 4th whether it’s ready or not! That reminds me, I really got to start on it…

(jk, I wrote it last November for NaNoWriMo! But I still got some editing)


Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.54.26 PM

The very talented Robert Grey is giving out free copies of his premier novel The Boy Genius Detective Agency. So if you’ve got a kindle and a kid, or just a kindle and a heart full of whimsy, pick one up because even though it’s aimed at children the book reads fast and is actually pretty fun for adults as well. Or if you don’t want to get it free you can always wait until the promo’s over and fork over the dough. As for me? I bought my copy weeks ago, which kind of makes it a collector’s item. At least that’s what Robert told me…


Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 6.59.27 AM

A special thanks to Jaidis, Sheri, and the other fine folks over at Juniper Grove who’ve given Dane Curse a great review and a ginny five stars, booyah! Definitely visit their site because by ‘grove’ they mean there’s enough literary information and services to fill a freakin’ forest. Man, all these five star reviews should be going to my head! But then I remember the 101 literary agent rejections which makes me call my boss and thank her for the job, yay waitering!


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 7.19.46 AM

Bob Toovey over at The Book Eaters has just finished Dane Curse (most of it in a single sitting-his words not mine) and recommends the Gold Coast PI with Four Solid Bites! Read all about it on their site, and while you’re there check out the rest of the goodies. They got indie reviews, throwback Thursdays, Book Battles, and from what I hear an actual gateway to Narnia.


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 8.03.43 PM

I’d like to take a sec to thank The Readers Hollow, a great site that gave me a great review! But that aside, if you’re looking for something to read check them out, TRH does a professional job sifting through a lot of books and showcases the best the literary world has to offer. If it’s worth reading, they’ve covered it, and I’m grateful they took the time to read my work. Seriously Erin, if you ever need to hide a dead body* I’m your man!

*not kidding Erin, I got a really good shovel and some cologne that corpse dogs detest!

MY FIRST REVIEW TROLL (Part 3: The Final Part-ening)


After my dizzying descent into a sociopathic need for revenge (and the redemption that came from resisting it) I’ve finally come to the end of my review troll roller coaster. And I’m strangely grateful because it’s taught me one thing: people are pretty amazing. For every one person who tries to be a dick there will be ten to pop up and help stop them. Ten to roll their eyes and think, “What a jerk.” Ten to support the artist.

Ten to one. Those are good odds. It’s like this world’s a happy hydra.

And I’m happy too. Because a single mean spirited review is a small price to pay to be reminded that there’s far more heroism and good deeds in one revolution of the real world than all the Marvel and DC comics in print. So don’t ever run the human race down to me. Sure we make mistakes, and act out in destructive ways, but in our hearts we’re superheroes, one and all.


Dane_Curse_Cover Final

Dane Curse is now available on a few different platforms. Which ones? ALL of them! So if you don’t dig the kindle, or avoid Amazon in general, you’re now able to take a ride through Gold Coast City with the gas mashed down and the windows wide open. Enjoy!

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