Jael Reviews The Coconut Swindle

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Once again Jael, my favorite indie reviewer, has taken a spin with Dane Curse through Gold Coast City, and much to my delight she’s given The Coconut Swindle a five star rating! “How can one man earn so many stars for his writing?” you might ask yourself. Begging. Also, the bribes* don’t hurt.

*(jk, Jael is crazy honest and super ethical, but those traits don’t garner laughs.)


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The fine folks over at Pulp Covers have tossed Daniel Strange’s work on Dane Curse up on their site. Stop by to check it out, as well as the metric ton of old school covers from the classic days of pulp detective novels. Unless you’re not into amazing pencil work, evocative art, and overall awesomeness, then, I don’t know, here’s the original hamster dance. Go nuts.