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Add one more hero to the mix as Karleigh Reads joins the ranks of the Gold Coast City white capes by helping to flense the world of evil with a guest post from yours truly. So head on over there and check out her site. She’s a dame who knows books, and champions the indies of the world, as well as offering insight on the craft we all love. But if you show up after sundown don’t expect her to be around. I’m pretty sure she dons a cape and cowl to fight crime at night. Granted that’s just a theory, but then again so is evolution… so, you know. It’s definitely true.

MY FIRST REVIEW TROLL (Part 3: The Final Part-ening)


After my dizzying descent into a sociopathic need for revenge (and the redemption that came from resisting it) I’ve finally come to the end of my review troll roller coaster. And I’m strangely grateful because it’s taught me one thing: people are pretty amazing. For every one person who tries to be a dick there will be ten to pop up and help stop them. Ten to roll their eyes and think, “What a jerk.” Ten to support the artist.

Ten to one. Those are good odds. It’s like this world’s a happy hydra.

And I’m happy too. Because a single mean spirited review is a small price to pay to be reminded that there’s far more heroism and good deeds in one revolution of the real world than all the Marvel and DC comics in print. So don’t ever run the human race down to me. Sure we make mistakes, and act out in destructive ways, but in our hearts we’re superheroes, one and all.


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Dane Curse is now available on a few different platforms. Which ones? ALL of them! So if you don’t dig the kindle, or avoid Amazon in general, you’re now able to take a ride through Gold Coast City with the gas mashed down and the windows wide open. Enjoy!

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On Apple iBooks… (go to itunes)


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Please to check out the very kind Erin down at The Readers Hollow, where she’s kindly hosting a stop on my Virtual Book Tour, and my article about the big three: Goals, Obstacles, and Stakes. If you’re in the mood for some fiction structure necessities check it out. And if you’re not in the mood for some fiction structure necessities you should swing by anyway, because Erin and Company may call themselves The Reader’s ‘Hollow’, but when it comes to bookish information that site is stuffed. I think that’s called iron, man.

No, I'm Ironman

No, I’m Ironman

Thank you Tony, I obviously meant irony, man.


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Stop by (why don’t you) at Buttonholed Book Review, where I’ve been graciously offered a guest post by Jeff. I’ll be writing on Proactive vs Reactive scenes, and how they link together to form the cohesive plot in the modern fiction we all love. Meanwhile Jeff will be reviewing literally hundreds of books for you. Seriously, he’s the hardest working reviewer I know. I’ve seen his TBR list. It’s longer than Santa’s

Sorry St. Nick, I stand by my statement

Sorry St. Nick, I stand by my statement


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A special thanks to Dan Strange, my new favorite artist out of England, for my dazzling new cover. Capturing the classic noir detective tone with the necessary soft sci-fi element, this cover’s so beautiful I’d date it if I could. Actually, I’d try to date it. The fact is this cover’s so far out of my league I’d have to wait until it broke up with its last boyfriend and catch it on the rebound when it’s all emotionally vulnerable and willing to lower its standards. But anyhoo, enjoy it!



In one week we’ll begin my virtual blog tour with a total of seven stops that will occur on Thursday the 6th and Friday the 7th, coincidentally the TWO FREE PROMO days for Dane Curse. That’s right, for 48 hours you’ll be able to not only read my take on crafting fiction and living in China, but also get my book for no money down, and no payments… forever!

The tour will also feature my new cover crafted by the famous Daniel Strange, my favorite artist out of the UK. If you got a moment in the coming days please check out the following hosts who have been kind enough to help me get the word out!

Tour dates and venues:

Literary Musings http://www.literarymusing.weebly.com Aug 6th
Readaholic Zone http://www.readaholiczone.blogspot.com Aug 6th
Reading to Distraction http://www.readingtodistraction.com Aug 6th
Boom Baby http://www.boombabyreviews.com Aug 7th
Book Obsessed Human http://www.bookreviews77.com Aug 7th
The Readers Hollow http://www.thereadershollow.com Aug 7th
Buttonholed Book Reviews http://www.buttonholed.blogspot.com Aug 7th