The Black Cape Case Files

The Black Cape Case Files

A five book series written by Matt Abraham starring Dane Curse, a former black

cape turned PI, serving the people of Gold Coast City

Book 1 – Dane Curse – When the world’s greatest superhero is mysteriously murdered only a former villain turned PI can find the killer in time – Release Date Feb 10, 2015

Book 2 – The Coconut Swindle – Dane’s investigation into the baffling theft of the world’s largest diamond leads him to suspect his very own daughter – Release Date Feb 28, 2016

Book 3 – Old Iron – When Dane Curse goes to Impenetron for a crime he didn’t commit, it’s up to Widow and Fangirl to prove his innocence – September 4, 2017

Book 4 – Grace Killer – Release Date TBA

Book 5 – Gangland – Release Date TBA

18 thoughts on “The Black Cape Case Files

  1. I’m eagerly awaiting “Old Iron,” so I’m just checking to see if there’s an updated release date. Thanks for your time and writing, I really enjoy the stories.


    • Hi Jonathan, I hear you and apologize for the delay. This book’s just not going down. Fortunately, after about 8 months of heavy hammering in the word-smithery, I have a solid working draftand am polishing it up, so ideally it’ll be on the ‘shelves’ by January. Thanks for your patience, and your kind words, both are greatly appreciated! Furthermore, I’m sending you a copy of Dane’s first short story, All Monsters. Hope you enjoy!


      • Cool, no need to apologize for anything. The creative process takes as long as it takes, imo. Thanks for the story and the update.


    • Hey, unfortunately I have no presence in the actual bookstores, not that I didn’t try. But yeah, should have my complete works thus far, in both electronic and paper form. Thanks so much for reaching out, and I hope you enjoy your time in Gold Coast!


    • Initially, yes, there were. But I found that adding magic to a limited world like Gold Coast City has the habit of making all other powers within it unnecessary. Can’t find a dame? Put a magician on it. Got shot in the throat? There’s a potion for that. Need information from a dead man? Necromancer’s the way to go! Granted, putting limitations on these warlocks is always an option, but with only the occasional novel I felt the world would begin to strain under the weight of too many easy outs. Though, if there ever is a wizard operating in Gold Coast, I have it on good authority that Dane would not be a fan. Not one bit. Thanks for reaching out!

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      • cool you put a lot of thought into that but you could make rules like DnD ie they need prep time for their spells but okay
        Is there any robot White and Black Capes?


  2. Matt,
    Did Old Iron ever get published/released? I looked just about anywhere I could think of. Just finished Coconut Swindle…wow. Love Gold Coast, its denizens and your Uber-plots.


    • Hey D1, Not yet. Old Iron has been notoriously difficult to finish. i have the cover done, and the book itself if mostly organized and written, but that PI palaver and polish that I think is necessary just isn’t there. Fortunately, my kids are back in school, so hopefully this year. Thanks for reaching out, and I really appreciate the kind words (and review), both mean so much! I’m very glad you enjoyed the novels, and will double down on getting you more ASAP!


      • AWESOME! Yes, ye-olde-tyme gumshoe palaver is a must. Thanks for responding so quickly.
        Since I myself am notoriously terrible at writing original anything, I can appreciate any authors writings that much more. I used to trade a grade for not having to write the papers in my college classes.

        I will patiently wait, because I know Dane & Gold Coast are so worth it.

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